SunBoard and PVC Foam Sheets

A sunboard Sheets also called PVC Foam board is a very strong and feather-light sheet used for mounting of vinyl prints. It consists of three layers – the inner layer is formed of polystyrene foam which makes the sheet strong and robust and a layer of white clay-coated paper on all sides of it.Sunboards sheets are used for printing (vinyl prints), to prototype objects, produce architectural models, store name boards, format printing and to make casting patterns. They can also be used to make game structures, dioramas, partitions, etc. Some modern photographers also are seen using these sun sheets as reflectors in the background for studio lights. These sheets play an important role in aircraft modelling also .ASC offers a sensible range of sun board sheets which will be availed in various attractive colours. These PVC Foam sheets are often easily dug shapes and applied in industries like Art & Craft, Advertising(Hoardings, Flex boards), Printing, Construction, Decor (Signboards, etc.)

sunboard sheets

Features Of SunBoard Sheets & PVC Sheets

• Brilliant finish

• Highly robust

• Wear and tear-resistant

• Non-corrosive

• Lightweight

• Waterproof

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