Polycarbonate Sheets In Delhi, India 

Polycarbonate sheets blocks UV rays while maintaining glass-like clarity. The resistance to yellowing because of weather effect, light weight, and user friendly properties make it a much preferable alternative to glass where security and strength are prime considerations. Polycarbonate sheets from Pitarashish acrylic sheets are extruded from resin giving them a mixture of attributes that most other sheets if may only dream of. These sheets Can Be Found in variety of profiles, surface textures and colors , Polycarbonate Sheets combine unbelievable strength, excellent design and clarity flexibility along with other properties inherent to over the Last Decade.

polycarbonate sheets

Leading Polycarbonate Sheets Supplier In Delhi,India

We at Pitarashish Acrylics are supplier of the polycarbonate sheets in Delhi for the four decades. Today, we are the leading supplier of quality tested polycarbonate sheets and products manufactured.Our state of the art infrastructure and network make us a reliable supplier for residential, commercial and industrial applications and requirements.

What are the features of  Polycarbonate Sheets?

polycarbonate sheets for greenhouse

The polycarbonate sheets’ remarkable features include:-

*High level of temperatures resistance up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit

*It offers UV protection on single or both sides

*High level of impact resistance

*Low rigidity sheets with flexible grades

*Acids and chemical resistant

*Cold deforming

*Low level of flammability


*High impact strength

*Excellent transparency


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