Sneeze Guard Acrylic In Delhi, India

We Pitarashish Acrylics the manufacturers of Aerosol Boxes and Sneeze Guards Acrylic to protect from coronavirus .The Sneeze Guard is a useful tool to control the spread of COVID-19 from patients to others and reduce the risk of infection in healthcare providers.

Application Areas Of Sneeze Guard

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge surge in demand for polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) transparent sheets, used across the globe as protective barriers to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. This is a new application for the Sneeze Guard sheets, with order books full for most of 2021 for cast and extruded Acrylic sheet producers. Some are also looking at investing in new extrusion machinery, in order to increase output, as plants are already operating at 100%. One seller said it would be able to double its output based on the demand, but is restricted by the plant production patterns. The higher transparent sheet demand is helping to offset some of the weaker consumption from the main automotive and construction applications. Higher demand from the sheet sector has resulted in an increase in spot prices for PMMA resin, with some players quoting a 25% rise over the last month. In the second-wave of the implementation of the barriers, sheets will be added to offices, more commercial stores, and potentially in public transport. Shops and pharmacies are also looking at installing sneeze guard for counter

for on a permanent basis. “We believe the screens are a new application, and will not disappear even when the virus is stopped,” said one producer. Sneeze Guard Acrylic sheets would be the optimum polymer to use because they can be sterilised, without impacting the appearance or the transparency of the sheet. This makes PMMA the most sought-after polymer, over polycarbonate (PC) or polyethylene terephthalate- glycol.

sneeze guard
hospitals counter 

In Hospitals sneeze gurad is used as a medical equipment and food hygiene etc..

Food & restaurant

Restaurant that offer buffet portable food carts and school cafeterias all needs sneeze guards. 

medical store

sneeze guard is protect from public lane in pharmacy store

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