Mirror Acrylic Sheets

 Mirror Acrylic sheets is a lightweight, reflective thermoplastic sheet material used to enhance the look and security of displays, POP, signage, and a variety of fabricated components. Mirror Acrylic sheets is excellent for retail, food, advertising, and safety applications.

A durable vacuum metalizing process creates  mirror acrylic sheet virtually scratch-resistant during manufacture processes and finish use. Ideal for use where glass is too thick or can easily crack or crack, plastic mirror is a more durable alternative to traditional mirrors.

For this reason, mirror acrylic sheets can be used to replace glass for mirrors in schools, dancing or yoga studios, hospitals, prisons and jails, homes and anywhere security is a concern.

Mirror acrylic sheets

Uses Of Mirror Acrylic SheetsSupplierIn India

1.Smart Mirrors

Mirror acrylic sheets for smart homes

2.Bathroom Sanitary Ware

Mirror acrylic sheets for Bathroom Sanitary Ware
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