Anti-Bacterial Interior Wall Sheets

Anti-Bacterial Interior Wall sheets is a brand new thermoplastics substance option for clean room surfaces and inside wall design applications in public hospitals and facilities. This opaque, low-gloss based resin solid sheet delivers high impact- and – wear resistance, and it can help provide long awaited solutions to customer’s needs for substances that can fulfill European flame regulation for construction materials and their sanitation demands while helping to conserve substantial maintenance costs, resulting in reduced operation costs.

Anti-Bacterial Interior Wall sheets complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive due to its non-chlorinated and non-brominated flame resistant technologies and it satisfies the current European EN 13501-1 regulation requirements of the most stringent fire and smoke criteria, obtaining the best score for a thermoplastic material. When compared with high-pressure laminates, steel and ceramics, CLINIWALL sheet can substantially lower system costs through consolidation of parts to streamline manufacturing, and avoidance of secondary operations such as coating and painting, machining and polishing, and reduced shipping costs because of its light weight. Pre-colored textured CLINIWALL sheet can provide a superb low-gloss surface end for your wall cladding, eliminating the need for painting. Its attributes also help prevent bending of the surface if effect happens.

Available Color

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